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Check for information on whether your trial has been reported, the dead line is approaching!!!!!!!!

Clubs need to remember to state they are an US Complete trial and thank our sponsor in all writep-ups to the American Field.



Click above to get more information on the 2015 Annual Meeting and Awards.

There is also 7 proposed rule changes all involving the handicapped rule.


Welcome to the U. S. Complete Shooting Dog Association

The U. S. Complete is a walking shooting dog association recognized and sanctioned by the American Field. We offer an Open and Amateur National Championship, an Amateur Invitational Championship, Open Regional Championships, Futurity, Classics and many weekend trials. An Organization you can be proud to associate with.

Family-oriented is the way we do things - you will feel comfortable bringing your entire family to any U.S. Complete event. Many field trials promote youth participation with special youth stakes. We encourage having a gallery wagon at all trials.

The U. S. Complete honors the top dogs in all categories (Open/Amateur, Puppy, Derby and Shooting Dog) These top dogs, owners and handlers are honored each year at our annual banquet and with our annual awards page in the American Field.

We are looking for handlers like you to participate and sponsor an association trial. Let the U.S. Complete help you attract good handlers and dogs to your trial.

We would like to hear from you! Please leave us a comment, message or contact the one of the National Officers or your Regional President.

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