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Updated: October 1, 2015

National Championship Write-up and pictures

I will post here all Classic and Championships that email me
their running orders.

Please send pictures and write-ups for your trials and they will be posted here.


2015-2016 Amateur Inivtational Championship
to be held December 4-6, 2015
List of Dogs

102 Go Illini Butch G. Matevey
95 Pinekone Rocky River S & P Townley ACCEPTED
88 Bob's Elhew Kate B. Phillips ACCEPTED
84 One Bad Winter K. Unsworth ACCEPTED
80 Fog Hat R. Frisella DECLINED
69 Haywood's Cindy H. Haywood
68 Lancasters Rolling Rex J. Crandall ACCEPTED
62 Pinekone Street Sense Pinekone Kennel
59 Pinekone Whistling Dixie S. Townley ACCEPTED
57 Blue's Tomoka Belle s. Townley ACCEPTED
57 Pinekone Who Dat Pinekone Kennel
55 Sweetbriar Peggy J. McNutt
52 Fox Cobble Zeva B. Whigham ACCEPTED
52 Hog Hill Katie T. Cavanaugh ACCEPTED
51 I'm Pistol Pete E. Drew/T. Hance DECLINED


51 Rutter's Dusty Socks P. Rutter ACCEPTED
45 Double Deuce Molly D. McMillen
45 Grouse Hill Bell J. Capocci
42 Dew Sweeeper R. Straub
40 Double Deuce Dexter D. McMillen
39 Threat's Pinekone Babe K. Laughlin
37 Pinekone Black Rose Pinekone Kennel
32 Sir Eaton Martin/Tollison
31 Bob's Elrose Josie B. Phillips
31 Brouilett's Creek Annie R> Green
31 Brouilett's Creek Sugar D. Davis

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National Championship Write-up and pictures