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U.S. Complete Shooting Dog Association
Regional Dog of the Year

Updated Last on February 3, 2016

2014-2015 Winners & Current Points for 2015-2016

U.S. Complete Shooting Dog Association
National Dog of the Year Awards

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for the Season

Daddy Little Boy Butch
Pirates Mean Louise
Daddy's Little Boy Butch
Pirates Mean Louise
O-Paul Scott
O-Dennis Kivikko
H-Maria Scott
O-Dennis Kivikko

Sweet Hill Peace Pipe

Baileys Lucky Draw
Sweet Hill Peace Pipe

O-Brad Hargis

O-Caroline and Mitchell Forrester
H - Brad Hargis
H-Jimmy Crandall
Go Illini Butch
Pinekone Rocky River
O-Gary Matevey
O-Phil & Sharon Townley
H-Gary Matevey
H-Sharon Townley
Adios Maia
Adios Maia
Patty's Josey's Wales
O-Janice Gregory
O- Gary Matevey
H-Janice Gregory
H - Gary Matevey
Pirates Mean THelma


Pirates Mean Thelma
Tarheel Stub
O-Dennis Kivikko
O-Dennis White
H-Dennis Kivikko
H-Dennis White
Texas Free Mason

Texas Free Mason

Sterlingworth Judge
O - Kevin Klein
O-Ted Smith
H - Garry Malzone
H-Robert Ecker, Jr.
Bad River Frankie
Flushing Whip Roger Rabbit
Bad River Frankie
O-Allen Fazenbaker
O-Tom Vanecek
H-Allen Fazenbaker
H-Tom Vanecek

Age Chart for Puppies and Derbies

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Amateur Shooting Dog

Past points
2015-2016 Points

245 Lancasters Rolling Rex
129 Dividing Creek Happy
97 Pinekone Black Rose
96 Vitale's Grouseringer Razzle
87 Texas Honey Bee
69 Ruby's Shadow
51 Crandall's Little Jake
48 Backcountry Sonny
45 Crow Creek Sugar Baby
45 Covercharge Search Engine
44 Bad River Frankie
39 Bob's Elhew Julie
39 Honky Tonk Redneck
36 Backcountry Polly
36 Beaucoup Creek Kate
35 Beaucoup Creek Mattie
34 Quinton Oak Abby
33 Greg's Wild Ivy
31 El Camelot
30 Bob's Elhew Jill
29 Bob's Elhew Holly
28 Baldwin's Roy
24 Harg's Diamond Girl
24 Stoney Run's Buddy
23 Dirty Dutchman
21 Roundabout
21 Sutter's Real McCoy
20 Tenacee DD
16 The Outsider
15 Double Tap
15 Pinekone Street Sense
14 Timberdoodle Hobo
13 Lucky Luke Star
12 Brouilett's Creek Sugar
12 Cantor's Trixie
12 Goodluck Charlie
12 Sutter's High Jynx
11 Ninnescah Liberator
11 Sinbad Little bit
10 Wolf Creek Doc
8 Bad River Rutherford
5 Bob's Elhew Kate
5 Brouilett's Creek Annie
5 Flushing Whip Roger Ramjet


Amateur Derby

22 Stargell's Money Penny
21 Threat's Hytest Snoopy
20 Miss Lucy Brown
15 Island Grove nickel Gal
15 Miss Skylight Star
15 Private Luke
15 Stollen Dreams
15 Waybetter Butch
9 Grand River Gold Digger
9 Mo's Roxie
8 Crazy Montain Elm
8 Conneaut Creek Raisin Duph
8 Covey Rise Sam
8 The White Titan
4 GF Captain Paine
4 Lancaster's Pass the Buck
4 Pirate's Mean Thelma
3 Captain Sam
3 Hargi's Mr. Mc Nutt
3 Waybetter Sally

Amateur Puppy

98 Dr. Moe's Willis
44 Million Dollar Maxine
40 Bob's Elhew Lucy
37 Lancasters Pass the Buck
23 JD Diamond Girl
21 Commanche Little Duke
17 Harg's Mr. McNutt
15 Bob's Elhew Lucy
9 DJ's Freckles
5 Commanche Little Patch
4 Fli Bi Brandi


Amateur Gun Dog

18 JD's Magic Milly
12 Scott's Happy Jack
10 Patty's Josie Wales
9 Wish You Were Here
6 Forstar Firepower
6 Red Rocket Rosco
4 Brouilett's Creek Shebia
4 Doc's Bullett




Open Shooting Dog

96 Shady Hills Billy Too
78 Fire A Way
68 Bob's Elhew Jill
66 Conneaut Creek Lake Erie Storm
60 Thomas Adirondack Mason
48 Baldwin's Roy
42 Heavy Chevy Jason
38 Backcountry Polly
33 Bad River Rutherford
33 El Camelot
27 Threat's Pinekone Babe
26 Mr. Mojinatioin
24 Sinbad Little Bit
22 Miss Penn Star
22 Waybetter Tomy
20 Double Tap
20 Go Illini Butch
20 Sunrise Star
18 Celtic's First Strike
18 Timerdoodle Hobo
16 Ninnescah Liberator
14 Bob''s Elhew Holly
14 I'm Earl
12 Grouse Ridge Darla
10 Backcountry Sonny
10 Sutter's High Jynx
9 Come Back Red Sassidy
9 Honky Tonk Redneck
6 A Tarheel Pretty Penny

Open Derby

36 Beaver Meadow Rose
30 Sterlingworth Judge
26 Miss Skylight Star
23 Sterlingworth Jack
21 Thomas Adeirondak Turbo
21 Upper ten Tucker
21 Private Luke
20 Grand River Golddigger
18 Victor's Golden Girl
15 Island Grove Nickel Gal
15 Last Waltz
15 Threat's Hy-test Snoopy
12 Come Back Laoy Saul
10 Teachers pet
10 Wayward Flyin Tomato
8 Covey Rise Sam
6 Parmachene Flight
6 Shag Time Bobo
5 AP N Sam
4 Lincoln County Pleasue
3 Hargi's Mr. McNutt
3 Natural Red Elsie

Open Puppy

36 Bob's Elhew Lucy
25 Wicked Thunder Andreas
15 Sandland Sassy Sarah
12 Come Back Bob Cassidy
12 Wicked Thunder Kinobe
8 Merritt's I am Ready
3 Round About Kate
3 J's Shadyhill Topknot