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Updated November 18, 2015

Puppy and Derby Age Chart

Past Schedules & Results

REGIONS: CS - Central States GL - Great Lakes / MD - Mid Atlantic / MS - Mid South / NC - North Central / NE - Northeast / SE - Southeast / NW - West Coast / I - International / N - Niagara


2015-2016 Field Trial Schedule & Results
past schedules








MA Freeland Kennel Club-Jim Wilkinson - canceled
MA Greensburg Pointer & Setter Club - Chris Catanzarite
GL Highland FTC Dave Fletcher 517-214-6404


NE Arcadia FTC Richard Giuliano 401-547-3429


SE Greene County TN Bird Dog Club Mohawk, TN Tarp Thompson at 423-620-2153 or e-mail to
NE New York English Setter Club Eugenio Scarpelli 845-747-4518
MA Fairbank Rod & Gun Club Dave Park
GL Kalamazoo SW FTC Tom Vanecek 989-643-0500



SE Quail Hollow @ West End,NC Wilson Tract - DELAYED DUE TO WEATHER 11/13/15
CS East Central Illinois P & S Club Oakwood, Il Dan Davis765-832-6551 or Rich Green 217-832-4191
10-11 MA Gloucester Field & Stream - Dick Cross WMA
MA Oak Ridge Pointing Dog Club Harrisville, PA Brandon Kreuer
24 MA Chickahominy FTA Phelps WMA, VA Entries to Mert Jones at 804 769 9292 or 804 512 7567.
CS Central Prairie Field Trial Club Jamie McNutt, Butch Spelbring
31 SE Sullivan County FTC, TN Bobby Phillips
CS Macoupin



CS Maucoupin County Field Trial Club, Eagville, IL, Gary Matevey

7 MAHanover FTA - Cohoke
SE Pitt County FTC, NC Keith Pittman 252-347-3696
CS Mid South Bird Hunters Club Brad Hargis
13-15 MA Northern Neck FTA
SE Quail Hollow @ West End,NC Wilson Tract - Ted Riley910-690-0014
19- 20 SE NC Pointing Dog Assoc. , NC Earl Drew 910-281-5259
SE Roseland FTC, NC Ted Riley 910-590-00014




GL Roger Bryant Amateur Classic Mark Beniak

11 SE West End Pointer & Setter Club Rich Warters (910)691-8653
18 SE Six Runs, NC Joe Edwards 910-290-1177



MA Lancaster FTA

16 MA Peninsula Bird Hunters @ Pat Casey & George Doyle's grounds Union Level, VA


2- Conclusio


11-Conclusion NATIONAL OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP - Dick Cross WMA, Boydton, VA
18 SE SE REGIONAL CH and Paul Walker Derby at Carrington Ted Riley 910-690-0014



NATIONAL AMATEUR Arcanums Cutta Whiskey FT Grounds, Ahoskie, NC Kedith Pittman

12 MA Hanover Field Trial Assoc. @ Cohoke
19 MA Chickahominy FTA Phelps WMA, Summerduck, VA Mert Jones 804 769 9292 or 804 512 7567
26 SE Sullivan county, TN Bobby Phillips 423-477-7098





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Highland Field Trial Club
September 12-13, 2015
Amateur Shooting Dog-6
1st Double Tap   M. Beniak           Same
2nd Bad River Rutherford             T. Vanecek          Same
3rd DunRoven’s Finnegan             M. Bentley          Same

Amateur Derby-4
1st Grand River Gold Digger        M. Lareau           Same
2nd GF Captain Paine      c. Cagle                              Same

Open Shooting Dog-12
1st Bad River Rutherford               T. Vanecek          Same
2nd Double Tap  M. Beniak           Same
3rd Come Back Red Cassidy         R. Cassidy           Same

Open Derby-5
1st Grand River Gold Digger        M. Lareau           Same
2nd  Shag Time Bobo        C. Cagle              Same

Open Puppy-3
1st Come Back Bob           R. Cassidy           Same
Greensburg Pointer & Setter Club
September 13, 2015
Amateur Shooting Dog-20
1st Texas Honey Bee        K. Klein                              Same
2nd Backcountry Polly     C. Catanzarite   Same
3rd Dirty Dutchman        T. Probst              Same

Open Shooting Dog-21
1st Thomas Adirondack Mason   J. Thomas            Same
2nd Backcountry Polly     C. Catanzarite   Same
3rd Timerdoodle Hobo    D. Blakely           Same

Open Derby-8
1st Thomas Adirondak Turbo      J. Thomas            Same
2nd Beaver  Rose               J. Cammisa         Same
3rd Particulars not given
Greene County Bird Club
September 26, 2015

Amateur Shooting Dog-14
1st Bob’s Elhew Julie        B. Phillips           Same
2nd Stoney Run’s Buddy D. Snyder            Same
3rd Sinbad’s Little Bit      D. Terrell            Same

Amateur Derby-5
1st Miss Skylight Star      D. Terrell            Same
2nd Miss Lucy Brown      S. Luther             Same

Amateur Puppy-11
1st Bob’s Elhew Lucy       B. Phillips           Same
2nd Unreg.
3rd Unreg.
Amateur Gun Dog-5
1st Particulars not given
2nd Forstar Firepower     R. Fortune           Same
Gloucester Field & Stream Club
October 10, 2015

Amateur Shooting Dog-20
1st Pinekone Black Rose  A. Morgan          A. Morgan
2nd Dividing Creek Happy   M. Forrester               J. Crandall
3rd Lancasters Rolling Rex            J. Crandall          Same

Amateur Derby-4
1st Mo’s Rosie                    A. Mourino        Same
2nd Stargell’s Money Penny L. Regensburg            Same

Amateur Puppy-8
1st Commanche Little Duke         L. Holbrook        Same
2nd Lancasters Pass the Buck       J. Crandall         Same
3rd Commanche Little Patch        L. Holdbrook     Same
NYS English Setter Club
September 26, 2015

Open Shooting Dog-
1st Grousehill Lucky        J. Capocci           Same
2nd Miss Penn Star           G. Najor              M. Nemshick
3rd Victor’s Golden Girl V. Forsyth           Same

Open Derby-
1st Victor’s Golden Girl  V. Forsyth           Same
2nd Sterlingworth Jack    G. poole               M. Nemshick
3rd Stall City Sir Charles               Blaine/Reed        M. Nemshick

Open Puppy-
1st Phillips New Hope     M. Phillips          M. Nemshick
2nd Birch Ridge Same      E. Scarpelli         Same
3rd Celtic’s Defining Moment      P. Ober M. Nemshick
October 3 2015

Amateur Shooting Dog-8
1st Roundabout                 B. Hire                 B. Hire
2nd Brouilett’s Creek sugar           D. Davis              Same
3rd Brouilett’s Creek Annie          D. Davis              Same

Amateur Puppy-4
1st D. J.’s Freckles             D. Crunk             Same
2nd J.D.’s Diamond Girl  Green/Hargis    

Amateur Gun Dog-4
1st Wish you were here   B. Hire                 Same
2nd Brouilett’s Creek shebia         D. Davis              Samee
Hanover Trial Club
November 7, 2015

Amateur Shooting Dog-32
1st Dividing Creek Happy    M. Forrester               J. Crndall
2nd Lancaster’s Rolling Rex          J. Crandall          Same
3rd Bob’s Elhew Holly     B. Phillips           Same

Amateur Puppy-14
1st Dr. Mo’s willis             M. Goodman     A. Mourino
2nd Million Dollar Maxine     K. Regensburg          Same
3rd Bob’s Elhew Lucy      B. Phillips           Same
Chickahominy Trial Club
October 24, 2015

Amateur Shooting Dog-18
1st Lancaster’s Rolling Rex           J. Crandall          Same
2nd Crandall’s Little Jake                             J. Crandall          Same
3rd Pinekone Street Sense              A. Morgan          Same

Amateur Puppy-6
1st Lancaster’s Pass the Buck       J. Crandall          Same
2nd Dr. Moe’s Willis         M. Goodman     A. Mourino
3rd Unreg.


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